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Symphonic Dances from West Side Story Leon Bates & Michelle Cann, piano

American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Pianist Leon Bates, whose career has spanned almost 50 years since his student days at Settlement Music School and Temple University’s Boyer College of Music, has announced his retirement from concert touring for medical reasons. The Society honors his legacy with a program entitled Bernstein, Bates & Friends, which will feature more than a dozen musicians who Leon has mentored, or with whom he has collaborated throughout his amazing five-decade career.

Bernstein: Piano Trio [Ahn Trio]
Walker: Piano Sonata No. 1 [Dynasty Battles, piano]
Lefebvre: Suite for Wind Quintet, Op. 57 [Borealis Wind Quintet]
Ives: String Quartet No. 1 [Portland String Quartet]
Gershwin: Selection of Songs TBA [Louise Toppin, soprano and Joseph Joubert, piano]